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Buying a House

Buying Real Estate? Let US Help!

Whether you're buying real estate for the first time or even the 20th time can be stressful. Let us help make it a smooth process for everyone involved! We promise to work our hardest to get you the house or property of your dreams! 

Calculate Savings

First Time Home Buyer Savings Account!

Are you wanting to buy a house, but don't know how to start saving? Check out this incredible post by the Idaho Realtors to learn how to start saving! 


Ever Wondered How Much Mortgage You Can Afford?

I want to make sure you know how much home you can afford before we set off on your dream home journey! Check out this post for more info! 


Learn How to Get a Loan From Freddie Mac! 

Getting approved for what the amount you want can stressful when you need to put 3% down on a home. Learn how First time buyers can save more $$$

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